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Visit Palawan

Palawan is the Philippines' most exotic tourist destination with it's deserted islands, limestone cliffs, coral reefs, misty mountains and teeming wildlife. Palawan is a paradise in the Philippines. Palawan is known for it's name as the 'Last Frontier'.

Palawan, an island province is surrounded by coral shelf that is home of colorful marine life and because of this, Palawan is declared as a nature sanctuary. Palawan has 1,768 island and islets. It's land area is almost 1.5 heactare land and is rich in rainforests, majestic mountains, primeval caves, and untrodden beaches.

Because Palawan is rich in natural resources, it attracts local and foreign visitors. The enchanted beauty of the place is unsurpassed that tourist keeps on coming back. Palawan beach resort and diving spots are among te worlds best. Palawan is a diver's paradise because of the reefs which surround the costs and coves teeming with a multitude of marine life.

Exotic animals exist in Palawan in which it cannot be found anywhere in the world. Flora and fauna like the mouse deer and scaly ant eaters are among the animals that cannot be found nowhere but only in Palawan.

Not only world-class beach resort and dive sites, Palawan has also enchanting scenery like caves, underground river, Wildlife Sanctuary and Honda Bay Islands.

Palawan Tourist Attraction

Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is devoted to wildlife preservation of animals coming from Africa such as zebras and gazelles, giraffes and elands and our own animals which can only be found in Palawan like bearcat, mousedeer and peacock pheasant. This santuary is has an area of 3,700 hectare

Coron Reefs: One of the enchanting scenery in Palawan in which tourist want to go. It has Seven enchanting lakes, perfectly surrounded by craffy limestone cliffs. It attracts tourist and nature lovers to this island in northern Palawan. This is one of the world-famous diving sites in the world.

El Nido Marine Reserve: is one of the most popular ecosystems tourist destination in the Philippines. Palawan is proud to have this popular diverse ecosystems such as rainforest, mangroves, white sand beaches, coral reefs, and limestone cliffs. Here divers can see the rarest marine mammal, the sea cows locally called "dugong".

St. Paul Subterranean River National Park: A very attractive natural scenery in Palawan and One of the world's wonders. The river stretches eight kilometers deep into an underground lagoon with crystalline waters. The captivating limestone cave reveals the stalactite pillars, rock formations and domed amphitheaters.

Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park: Is reputed as the country's best diving site and one of the world's best diving spot. The reef is abundant in marine life and because of this it was named a World Heritage Site. The island consists of two islets with lots of soft corals and small cave. Divers can see Tubbataha shark, turtles and manta rays.

How to get to Palawan?

Palawan - the provincial capitol Puerto Princesa City- can easily be reached by air and sea .


From Manila there are 3 -5 flights daily (morning and afternoon ) to Puerto Princesa. You can choose between Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines and Cebu-Pacific and Zest Air. Cebu Pacific is also servicing 3 to 4 times weekly Cebu-Puerto Princesa-Cebu.
On the other hand, Seair is connecting Puerto Princesa with other destinations in Palawan (Busuanga,El Nido) and from there also from Manila.

FERRY from Manila:

Negros Navigation is sailing the route Manila to Puerto Princesa once a week, leaving every Thursday in Manila and arrives in Puerto Princesa on Friday(return to MNL the next day).
WGA superferry is sailing from Manila every Friday and arrives Saturday morning in Puerto Princesa.
A Ferry travel can be recommended very much if you have a lot of time and if you are enjoying travel on the Sea. The trip takes around 24 hours. There are nice cabins available on these ships. At CORON the Ferry will make a short stop over.

How to go from Puerto Princesa to Sabang and to BAMBUA:

Sabang is located on the South-China Sea side of Palawan. It is 80 km away from the City going North-West( Sabang is still part of Puerto Princesa City, even the village is that remote...). The trip will take about 2 - 4 hours by Van or Jeepney.
On the way to Sabang you will see amazing Nature and beautiful landscapes. The first 40 km it goes on the new Highway connecting Puerto Princesa with Roxas on the North. ISalvacion is the junction to Sabang.

Then you will pass by through the Barangay of Macarascas, then Buenavista with a view on the Tres Maria Islands at the Ulugan Bay, and then later on you will see the Djungel landscape of Tagabinet . Then you will reach the Barangay Cabayugan which is surrounded by high Karst Mountains. Here is already the boundary of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean National Park. You can have your first view on the St. Paul Mountain Range, the source of the Underground River.

Some hundred meters before reaching the Village of SABANG you will see on the right side of the road the entrance road to BAMBUA NATURE PARK RESORT.

Public Transportation:

Public Jeepneys are leaving for Sabang at the new Public Bus Terminal at San Jose, Puerto Princesa. The best time to travel to Sabang is with the 7 AM Jeepney or the the 9 AM Bus. Until around 3 PM several Jeepneys are departing for Sabang.

VAN Hire:

Vans(Air conditioned) can be hired at the Aiport or at any Travel Agency in Puerto Princesa. The Vans can accommodate maximal 8 persons.

How to go from Northern Palawan (El Nido, Port Barton..) to Sabang:

By Boat:

Sabang can be reached by boat coming from Northern Palawan( the Pagdanan Bay Islands, Port Barton or El Nido). There are bancas (Native outrigger boats) for Hire.
During the peak tourist season a Liner boat is servicing the route EL NIDO-PORT BARTON-CAGNIPA ISLAND-SABANG (Vice versa… 3 times weekly)).
A banca trip can be most beautiful when the weather is nice. You will see Palawan at its best! It goes all along the coast line of the South China Sea.

By Land:

From El Nido, TayTay and Roxas there are several trips a day by Buses/Jeepneys/Shuttle Vans going to Puerto Princesa. From Port Barton there is once a day a trip.
At SALVACION, which is the crossing to Sabang and around 40 km before reaching Puerto Princesa City, you have to get off the bus.
Then wait there for the Jeepney/Bus coming out of Puerto Princesa and heading to SABANG.
The last trip to Sabang will be arriving at SALVACION at around 3 PM.


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