Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visit Bicol

The Bicol Region, Also known as Region V, is located at the southeastern most peninsula of Luzon in the Philippines. Bicol Region has 6 provinces namely Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, Masbate and Sorsogon. Bicol is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines. Bicol has a lot of beautiful scenic view to offer to visitors and tourist. The world famous Mt. Mayon Volcano in which has a perfectly shaped cone. Bicol is also known for its exotic and beautiful white sand beaches magnificent world-class diving spots. You can also find in Bicol the tiniest fish in the world. Well of course you have to dive to the lake to see it.

Bicol is also rich in cultural and architectural heritage. The structure of the buildings like churches are dated back from the the Spanish Period. For nature lovers, Bicol has much to offer. There are many beautiful natural scenery around Bicol like mountains, volcanoes, lakes, hot springs, rivers, caves and waterfalls. Bicol Region has many landmarks that are also tourist attractions that this Region can offer to visitors.

Bicol is a mixture of dynamic culture, resilient and religious people, and literate workforce. Today, Bicol Region is identified in the map as a tourism and maritime zone due to its accessibility to Manila and Visayan Provinces. It is very accessible to Manila and the rest of the places in Luzon by land, air, rail and sea.

Bicol Region Tourist Attraction

Mayon Volcano: Mt. Mayon is one of the famous tourist attraction in Philippine and Asia. The volcano is world's famous because of it's nearly perfect cone. Mayon Volcano is located north of Legaspi City. Mt. Mayon is one of the most visited tourist destination because of its enchating scenic view. The volcano stands majestically at 7,946 ft. and the base is 10 km in radius. From atop, you can see tha magnificent view of the Albay gulf and the other nearby towns.

Puraran Beach: The white sand beach is internationally known as "Majestic" in which this is the site for surfboard surfing. The beach is so magnificent and makes it so inviting. Pururan has been improve and develop that it has beautiful cottages, dining hall and a surfing area for sports enthusiasts. The season for surfing is from October to January.

Busay Falls: Busay Falls has a seven-tiered cascading white foam that it is considered as one of the highest waterfalls in the country. It is 800 ft from the top. Busay falls is accessible only by foot.

Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave: It is believed that this cave is the home of the native in the area a long time ago. The cave is a natural tunnel like structure. Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave is one of the natural tourist attraction in Albay.

Calabidongan Caves: The grotto-like formation inside is so enchanting in which it amazes visitors and tourist. The cave is also known as the "Caves of the Bats". The cave is good for trekking inside.

Daraga Catholic Church: It is an 18th century church in which was built by Franciscan missionaries in 1773. The church is highly regarded by art enthusiast and considered above standard because of it's rich baroque architecture and the structure is huge.

Camalig Catholic Church: A missionary church which was built out of volcanic rocks. Tourist and visitors come here to see the relics from the Hoyop-hoyopan caves. The archeological findings amazes the visitors and tourist because it depicts the historical origins of the people. The relic shows the early Malaysian influence through the burial jars excavated. One of the famous tourist attractions.

Barcelona Church: The church was beautiful built coral reefs were used to form the walls. The enchanting carvings on the coral reef fa├žade makes the church a priceless relic. The church was built in 1874.

Bulusan Lake: Also known as the "Switzerland of the Orient" Located at the center of the Bulusan National Park.


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