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Visit and Surf at Siargao Island

Siargao island is the most popular surfing destination here in the Philippines. Siargao is known as the Philippines surfing capital. Siargao Island is the surfing paradise here in the Philippines because of the marvelous, high quality and powerful gigantic waves that surfers and adventurers love. Siargao island surfing is now known to the international community as a first class quality break. Every year especially in October, an international surfing competition is held in Siargao Island.

Is there anything else to do in Siargao besides surfing?

The main attraction in Siargao is actually the magnificent and gigantic waves where surfers love to dance in it with their surfboards. But in its off peak season, Siargao has a lot of thing to offer to its visitors and there are plenty of things to do. Siargao island has a lot of unexplored natural resources and tourist attractions. In siargao, you can do like island hopping, diving, kayaking, snorkeling and more. You will be amazed of the fine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters comparable to Boracay Paradise. The Guyam, Daku and Naked Island are close and you can enjoy goind island hopping to these islets by renting a banca. Now if you are tired of the city life living in an Urban Jungle, why not have a travel vacation to Siargao and experience a different kind of adventure to unwind yourself.

Siargao: A Surfing Paradise

Siargao is an island that is located in the North Eastern tip of Mindanao which is in the South East of the Philippine Archipelago. The Eastern coastline is facing directly the Pacific Ocean and Siargao Island lies the Philippine Trench which has a depth of 10,057. So that is why Siargao has gigantic and powerful waves that hts the island. Siargao island is Surigao Del Norte's "last frontier" facing the Pacific Ocean.

Siargao is a teardrop shaped island that is a surfers paradise to nature lovers and adventurers. Siargao is still an unspolied island and is the surfing capital of the Philippines. Siargao is located 800 kilometers Southeast of Manila. Siargao is one of the world's great frontiers for surf exploration in the Philippines. The most popular break in Siargao which has a powerful wave-off and is known to be one of five toughest breaks in the world is "Cloud 9". Siargao island "Cloud 9" gas been frequently compared to the famous and popular surf of Australia and Hawaii. The famous and popular Siargao's "Cloud 9" which is a powerful hollow right hander is one of the ten best waves in the world. This was featured in Surf Magazine. siargao Island "Cloud 9" has put Philippines on the world directory.

Siargao Island has an excellent surf to offer to surfers worldwide. The Oceanic Trench that is so deep gives a magnificent waves break with juice straight out of deep water and focus the wave energy straight at the beach. In this, Siargao island will become a very hot surfing destination in Asia that surfers and adventurers will keep on coming back. Siargao island surfing is truly one of the worlds' last great frontiers for surf exploration.

How to reach Philippines Surfing Capital Siargao Island?

There are many ways to get there in Siargao Island surfers paradise. You can reached Siargao by plane, bus and passenger boats.

By Plane from Cebu:
Asian Spirit flies every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from Cebu to Surigao vice-versa. SEAIR flies from Cebu to Siargao on Tuesday and Saturday.

By Plane from Manila:
Philippine Airlines flies daily from Manila to Butuan city, a two-hour bus ride from Surigao City.

In Pasay City, there are bus trips going to Surigao several times a week via Lipa ferry terminal. Daily bus trips from Surigao City to Cagayan de Oro or Davao City via Butuan City are available at regular intervals

Passenger Boats:
Passenger boats from Manila and Cebu are available.

When you reached Surigao, there are daily fast craft boat transfers to Siargao Island.

Siargao Surfing Sites and spots

Tuason Point: This area is located 3 kms. north of General Luna and is the most popular and well-known surfing spot in the Philippines. In this area is where the world famous Cloud 9 is contain. Here are the world class waves at Tuason Point.

  • Cloud 9 - This has put the Philippines surf on the world directory. Cloud 9 has a hollow and heavy right hand barrel and extremely powerful reef break. Cloud 9 is for experienced surfers only.
  • Tuason Left - a magnificent hollow and powerful left hander When it makes its day. The wave is about 400m south of Cloud 9.This is for experience surfers only.

  • Cemetery - Left hander that is suitable for all surfers.

North of Cloud 9: There are some well known and and countless world class waves in the North of Cloud 9. Here are the terrific breaks in the North of Cloud 9.

  • Stimpies - It is a great left-hander. The waves can be fat, hollow and can be perfect.
  • Rock Island - This is a wave that will test your ability. This is a 300m right hander that is fast, hollow and an extremely long ride. The waves in the Rock Island can be flawless.

  • Pacifico - This is the best left hander waves that us long, hollow and powerful.

  • Burgos - This is an area with several lefts and rights waves.

GL and South: To the south of GL, all waves must be reached by boat, and are always a highlight of one's holiday. Daku is an island to the east of GL and has a fun right hander that breaks during large swells. The wave breaks on the protected side of the island so it is usually small and great for beginners. Pansukian Reef is a fickle but hollow right hander; another for experienced surfers only. Further south are the islands of La Janoza and Mamon. These islands are beautiful. There are numerous waves in this area with the pick of the bunch being at Mabuntok Reef, which is to the left on Mamon. This wave will cater to all levels and is situated by one of the most pleasant and picturesque beaches in the region.

Travel Tips in Siargao Island:

If it is your first time to go and surf in Siargao:
  • Buy and wear rubber surfing boots because you will need to walk in some rocky reefs to get to the waves.
  • You must bring first aid kit.
  • Always bring sunscreen or sunblock.
  • It is important to have a travel insurance.

If this is your first time to travel to Siargao:
  • You must have a Smart or Talk and Text mobile phone because it's the only mobile connectivity in this island.
  • Internet Conection is rear in Siargao.
  • Always bring sunscreen or sunblock.
  • You must bring a camera to take photos in this beautiful island.


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