Saturday, June 18, 2011

Visit Coron, Palawan

Coron is a 2nd class town in the province of Palawan. According to the census Coron had a 32, 243 population during 2000. The town of Coron covers part of the island of Busuanga and all the adjacent island of Coron. Coron is a small fishing village that can be found on the southeast of the Busuanga Island where fishing is their way of living. The primary industries in this town are fishing and tourism, which is known as the popular diving location.

Coron is one of the most beautiful towns in Palawan. One of the most amazing places in Coron is the Coron Island that is situated on the northern tip of Palawan. This island is known for several Japanese shipwrecks during World War II. The area around the wrecks has attractive rock formations, which is an excellent spot for snorkeling. The pristine water surrounding the island is very calm. Coron is not only the perfect place for diving or snorkeling, there are still other interesting things that can be done in this beautiful town. Aside from beautiful vistas of Coron you can also experience other beautiful places that Coron has which are:

1. Coron's Shipwreck Diving Destination

Coron Palawan is known as popular diving destination and diving is one of the most interesting water sports to have in Coron. There are lots of dive sites that you can find in Coron including the:

* Irako Wreck
* Akitsushima Wreck
* Okikawa Maru Wreck
* Olympia Maru Wreck
* Kogyo Maru Wreck
* Kyokuzan Mary Wreck
* East Tangat Gunboat Wreck
* Nanshin Maru Wreck
* Lusong Gunboat
* Skeleton Wreck

2. Siete Picados

Most of the corals around Coron are dead except for the area of the Siete Picados. This area is the perfect place for snorkeling where you will be amazed with the underwater scene that you will see.

3. Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is located in Coron Island in Northern Palawan that is said to be the cleanest Philippines' lake. Because of its pristine lake, it is sometimes called the Blue Lagoon. This lake is a freshwater lagoon that is amidst sheer limestone cliffs. You will see the picture perfect view of this lake after a walk up in the mountain. You will also be mesmerized with the Kayangan cave that you will see as you walk to the mountain. Swimming on the lake is the best refreshing thing to do after a long walk on the mountain.

4. Twin Lagoons

Another amazing place to visit in Coron Palawan is the Twin Lagoons. These lagoons are separated by beautiful limestone cliffs with a small tunnel under the water where an intrepid traveler can swim. It's dangerous but that's what attracts the intrepid travelers to dare to go to this lagoons. Swimming on these lagoons is great, but you need to be very careful because of the jagged edges of the limestone cliffs.

5. Maquinit Hot Springs

Try different experience in Maquinit Hot Springs of Coron. The therapeutic properties of this natural spring are what you will most like in this place. You will be revitalized after a few minutes dip in this hot springs. This is the perfect place for those who want to release their tiredness and stress.

6. Coron Town and Public Market

A simple walk in the town and its market is also a great thing to do, buy danggit and roasted cashew nuts. You will also notice that the town is really clean. People put their cigarette butts on their pockets and pick up the trash once they see it. No wonder why Palawan is known as the cleanest city.

With the beautiful and amazing places that Coron has you will certainly experience living in a paradise. Coron Palawan really develops their tourism in order to give utmost service to the visitors when it comes to tourist attractions. As you set foot on this town you will definitely have the best time in your life, you will experience everything there.


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